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HydroLuxx Facial

/HydroLuxx ˈfeɪʃəl/

A stunning combination of gentle exfoliation, pneumatic suction, extraction, and Oxygen Infusion. The advanced HydroLuxx technology provides captivating, glowing, and healthy results in one simple, simultaneous action. 

Benefits of a HydroLuxx Facial

  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes the production of new collagen and elasticity in the skin
  • Decreases hyperpigmentation and sunspots
  • Repairs sun-damaged skin
  • Detoxifies and deeply cleanses the skin
  • Minimizes the look of large pores and thick skin
  • Hydrates and nourishes

Benefits of a HydroLuxx Facial

  • Encourages softer, more supple skin
  • Reduces the appearance of scar tissue
  • Smoothes and plumps
  • Softens 
  • Refines pores
  • Thoroughly exfoliates
  • Refines pores

HydroLuxx Facial


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How does a HydroLuxx Facial work?

The process of Hydrodermabrasion is simultaneous rather than consecutive.

The abrasive pneumatic chamber immediately exfoliates the dry dead skin cells. Simultaneously, the pneumatic suction inputs the hydro-serum onto the skin, infusing it with ingredients based on the skin’s needs.

This triple and advanced technology optimizes the entire treatment by concurrently stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

Deep cleansing and rejuvenation are obtained through the peeling serum, all while the abrasive surface tip provides mechanical exfoliation of the damaged and dry cells, and extraction of the blackheads.

As a result, radiant, smooth, and rejuvenated skin is achieved.

What is the Oxygen Infusion System?

Oxygen infusion is the splendid final touch to the HydroLuxx Facial Treatment.

Once finished with the HydroLuxx Facial Treatment, the Oxygen Infusion system will infuse the skin with immense hydration and restoration. Any residing irritation or redness will be eliminated.

Additional benefits include an increased youthful appearance, smooth skin, and accelerated hydration for a brighter complexion.

Frequently Asked Questions About the HydroLuxx Facial

Will there be “downtime” or irritation after my treatment?

Typically there is NO downtime or irritation after a sugaring hair removal treatment. Some areas are more sensitive, like the face. In this area, it is truly hard to know prior to treating someone’s skin what their own “histamine” response will be to the treatment. With facial sugaring, we always caution to not have anything planned soon after your first facial sugaring. There is usually no downtime with lip and brow sugaring as they are smaller areas.

Can I get a bikini sugaring treatment while I am on my period?

We get this question ALL the time! Yes, you are able to “as long as we are working around a string.However, keep in mind that you may be a little extra sensitive around this time.

Can I “get sugared” if I am pregnant?

Yes, you can! Sugaring is safe even when you are pregnant. Keep in mind you will be more sensitive during this time. We will take special care in positioning you correctly and taking the time to get the process done, so we will need to allow extra time for this for your comfort.

What if I break out?

If you have any irritation that concerns you and you think you may be “breaking out”, don’t hesitate to contact us. Although this rarely happens, there are ways to combat this or help calm the situation. On the face, if there is a rash-like bumpy texture, clear or milky white break out this is most likely a histamine response. We recommend that you purchase our recommended quality hydrocortisone crème for post-care which will help to calm skin. Other remedies include ice compress, milk of magnesia cold icy compress and Benedryl to combat histamine response. Our therapist will recommend post-care for all sugaring treatments that will help alleviate or avoid irritation.

Can I work out at the gym or go in the Jacuzzi after a sugaring treatment?

We recommend that you refrain from perspiring and/or going into a Jacuzzi for at least 2 to 4 hours after any sugaring treatments.

How long should my hair be for a sugaring treatment?

For Bikini: At least two weeks full of growth if you have been shaving, at least 3 weeks full of growth if you have been waxing or sugaring. We prefer at least 3 to 4 weeks of growth for optimal results.
For Underarm: At least 10 to 14 days of growth.
For Full Face: At least 3 to 4 weeks full of growth between treatments.
For Full Leg: At least 4 full weeks of growth.
For Back/Chest: At least 4weeks full of growth.
For Eyebrows: At least 2 weeks full of growth.

How often should I get sugaring done to maintain smooth skin?

For Bikini: We recommend every 3 to 4 weeks consistently.
For Underarms: We recommend every 2 weeks consistently.
For Full Face: We recommend every 3 to 4 weeks consistently.

For Full Legs: We recommend every 4 to 5 weeks consistently.
For Back/Chest: We recommend every 4 to 5 weeks consistently.
For Eyebrows: We recommend every 2 weeks consistently.


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